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¿Qué es cloud hosting? ¿Y de qué se trata realmente el hosting? ¿Qué son exactamente los servidores dedicados? ¿Y qué es un nombre de dominio? Descubra las respuestas a estas y otras preguntas con nuestros artículos detallados de alojamiento.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most budget and most common hosting solution and is the perfect choice for small and personal websites. At Universo Webs su sitio en Internet Ya. we offer premium shared hosting services at affordable prices.

Affordable Hosting

Cheap or affordable hosting doesn't mean underpowered hosting. In today's world, many hosting companies lower their prices to attract more clients. Learn what is the difference between affordable hosting and downright bad hosting service.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud web hosting is something quite new to the hosting space and most people don't really understand what cloud web hosting really is, really. At Universo Webs su sitio en Internet Ya., we will teach you all you need to know about cloud hosting.

Semi-dedicated Hosting

If you require more system resources then a shared web hosting plan can offer, but don't want to deal with whole web server - the semi-dedicated hosting solution is perfect for you. Learn more about it in our detailed article.

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are a must have if you have an e-store or simply sell things from your website. However, getting them to work may be difficult. Learn how to order an SSL with Universo Webs su sitio en Internet Ya. without any extra work.

Web Hosting Services

The web hosting service is the technology that is behind every website on the Internet. It's the combination of server web space and technologies that allows for a site to seen. Learn more about the hosting service in our dedicated article.

Web Hosting

Hosting is one of the most popular Google searches for several years. While in most of the cases hosting is equal to shared web hosting, it can also mean virtual private server hosting as well. Learn all about the distinctive types of hosting.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a service almost as old as web hosting. It gives the opportunity for non tech-savvy people to earn money selling hosting, without been forced to invest anything and without the need for any technical experience.

How cPanel Hosting Works?

The cPanel hosting control panel is the most famous control panel out there, but is also quite old and is based on ideas from the year 2000 to get the work done. Learn how cPanel hosting really works.

VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Servers are the more affordable substitution to dedicated servers. But inexpensive does not mean weak - VPS web hosting features top price-to-feature ratio at very decent prices.

Data Centers

Web Accelerators

Improve your website's loading times with the assistance of our built-in tools.

1-click Installer

Install 40+ popular site scripts with just a click.

Advanced Domain Manager

Control multiple domains from a single place! Edit Whois, change name servers or set parked domains with just a click.